(Mindset) Graphic facilitation with Bikablo



Even if you think you have no artistic talent, you can learn different graphic tools and basic visual vocabulary using the bikablo® technique. For example, you will be able to draw simple graphical representations that you can use the next day at work.


During this training, we focus on the basics of drawing and the visual language of imagery. No matter how talented you are, you will take your first steps into the visual world and learn to use small details to make large spaces clear, attractive and lively. You will work in small groups and the trainers will take ample time to answer your questions and guide you in the world of visual language with tips and techniques appropriate to your individual progress.


1 or 2 days

Target Audience

This visual facilitation training is for you if, for example, …

you are (still) convinced that you are not at all talented and still would like to learn how to visualize.

you have not yet participated in a visual facilitation training with us.

you have little experience with visualization so far and are looking for an easy way to improve your flip charts with good handwriting, graphics, symbols and simple

figures to make them more clear, attractive, and lively.



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Before Class


Course Content

Hold the pencil and draw the lines: How to draw clean lines and structure my space on paper ?

Graphics and Text Containers: How can I create simple arrows and connect basic geometric shapes to present related themes. Which text containers (eg B.D. bubbles) can be used to support what types of messages ?

Objects and symbols: How can I draw simple symbols to emphasize messages ? What is essential, what can we put aside ?

Forms: What simple ways does bikablo® suggest to draw people, roles, groups or situations ?

Color and Space: What are the quick and easy options for coloring elements and spaces to support the graphic structure ?
Write: How can I improve my calligraphy on paper to make it more readable and appealing ?
Posters and settings: How can I combine the ingredients (graphics, writing, symbols, shapes and colors) to create visual translations of content or striking posters for different uses (welcome, agenda, instructions, group work) ?



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  • Limit date of registration31 December 2019
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