Consulting services

Information Security

This is our core business and we focus on the others practices to keep an holistic approach of the risks. If you want more Security - Hire a Diver - Divers are proactive and do not take excessive risks.


Infrastructure is the heart of your IT. Our strong background in infrastructure management gives us the required knowledge to support our business continuity counsel and ensure that your datacenter is built with security in mind.

Business Continuity

Our experience and background are built from complexes infrastructure environments. This enables us to support any organization in implementing and managing a Business Continuity Plan. We have a thorough understanding of best practices.

Website Assessment

Based on our pragmatic approach and depending on the CIA triad (Confidentiality - Integrity - Availibility) - we bring you our vision to mitigate the risks linked to your e-commerce website or any other web application (Internet, intranet, website,...)

We advise you on best practices to define RFP, specifications report or to review contracts.
We assist you to define and assess the Information Security requirements needed to drive your business - such as: 

  • Legal (Privacy, Cookie Law, Protection of Strategic Assets & Organizational records)
  • HTTP, HTTPS (e.g: choosing the right certificate that fits your business needs, limitations of both solutions,...)
  • Access Controls (Strong Passwords, Activation Passwords, Default Passwords, Stored in a secure way, -Password-, user ID, ...)
  • Vulnerability Assessment (Architecture, Environment, Owasp Top 10,...)