Through our consolidated partnership with Invero27 we could answer to the following issues: 

Are HDS, NIS, GDPR or ISO 27001 your next job challenge?

You want to learn efficiently both the theory and the hard to find on-the-job learned lessons of HDS, NIS, GDPR or ISO 27001? 

The Invero27 security experts, have turned out long-standing expertise and experience, combined with a serious dose of passion for the specific topic of information security, into an extensive offer of training courses and workshops. They provide hands-on courses perfectly attuned to your needs and your company, in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations. They apply a practice-oriented approach and always make room for answering questions rapidly and efficiently.

ISO 27001 - GDPR - NIS - HDS – GRC Audit & assessment

They identify some points in your business network, software or infrastructure where they anticipate possible risks and threats.

ISO 27001 - GDPR - NIS - HDS – GRC Consultancy & strategy

They get results by studying complex security cases, considering the investments, taking our place at the negotiating table and preparing and executing plans to measure.